Solid-State Devices
Instructor: D. Crandles

The following texts have been placed on 3 hour reserve in the library. The one by Streetman and Banerjee is the most detailed and contains the best discussion of device manufacturing:

  • Solid State Electronic Devices. B.G.Streetman, S.Banerjee, 5 ed. Prentice-Hall, 2000.
  • Introduction to Applied Solid State Physics. R.Dalven, Plenum Press, 1990.
  • The Physics of Semiconductor Devices. D.A.Fraser, Oxford, 1983.
  • Introduction to Semiconductor Devices. J.Bailey, Allen and Unwin, 1972.
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Marking Scheme
Lab Reports (two in total) 10%  
Daily Problems 30%  
Test 1 15% Fri. Feb 16
Test 2 15% Fri. March 23
Final Exam 30%  

late homework not accepted

  1. Basic Quantum Review
    • atomic structure, Bohr model
    • wave-particle duality, dispersion relations
    • Shrodinger equation, particle-in-a-box, Fermi-Dirac statistics
  2. Semiconductor Properties
    • crystal structure, bonding
    • electrical properties: conductivity, mobility, diffusion
    • intrinsic carrier concentration, doping and carrier density, Hall Effect
    • band structure, band gap, effective mass
    • optical properties: absorption, photoconductivity, photoluminescence
  3. PN junction diodes
    • contact potential, space charge region
    • diode equation
  4. Device Manufacturing
    • thin film deposition, photolithography, etch process
  5. Field Effect Transistors
  6. Bipolar Junction Transistors (if time permits)