PHYS 5P10 - Introduction to Scientific Computing
Instructor: E. Sternin

  • In Matlab/octave you may need to install into your own filespace packages that you want to use, if they are not provided by the system-wide installation. Here are a few useful commands:
    pkg list
    list all available packages
    pkg install -forge xyz
    install the current version of the package from the standard repository
    pkg install xyz.1.2.3.tgz
    install a particular version of the package, pre-downloaded from Sometimes, your octave installation may not be compatible with the latest version available; in this case, search and download the version that is compatible, by following the Version History link that shows all available versions and their compatibility.
    pkg load xyz
    once installed, a package needs to be loaded into your current workspace. This command needs to be issued every time, for packages installed in your own filespace. In contrast, the installation (see above) need to be done only once. It might be convenient to install packages from a full octave run, without performing these one-time steps in your jupyter notebooks.