Advanced Quantum Mechanics I
Instructor: S.K. Bose

2020 D2: Please check your e-mail about the start of classes

You should check your e-mail regularly, as the COVID-19 conditions may change, and classes may switch between F2F and online according to the university policies, based on public health guidelines.
Course outline:
(Brock Graduate Calendar Description: Angular momentum, rotations, and scalar and vector operators, selection rules; Pauli principle and periodic table; nuclear shell model; degenerate perturbation theory; electron in magnetic field, Landau levels; time evolution in quantum mechanics, time-dependent perturbation theory; elastic scattering.)
Major topics and subtopics:
Angular momentum: addition of angular momenta, angular momentum and rotation, irreducible tensor operators, Wigner-Eckert theorem and applications.
Theory of scattering, scattering amplitude and cross-section, partial wave analysis, Green's function, Born approximation, Optical theorem, Lippmann-Schwinger equation, symmetry considerations in scattering
Motion of charged particles in magnetic fields, Bohm-Aharonov effect, flux-quantization, Landau levels, Quantum Hall effect
Time evolution in quantum mechanics, time-dependent perturbation theory, Fermi Golden Rule and some applications, scattering amplitudes via time-dependent perurbation theory
Degenerate perturbation theory and applications

There is no required textbook for the course. The library has many textbooks on this subject and students can choose any book they find suitable. Some suggested books are:
(call numbers of the books available in Brock Library are shown)

  • Quantum Mechanics- A Modern Development by Leslie E. Ballentine QC 174.12 B35 1990
    World Scientific has 1998 version, reprinted in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005
  • Principles of Quantum Mechanics by R. Shankar QC174.12 S52 1994
  • Quantum Mechanics by J.J. Sakurai QC174.12 S25 1994
  • Quantum Physcis by Stephen Gasiorowicz
  • Quantum Mechanics by Amit Goswami
  • Some older textbooks:
  • Quantum Mechanics by A. Messiah QC174.1 M413 V.1 and V.2
  • Quantum Mechanics by K. Gottfiried QC 174.1 G64
  • Quantum Mechanics by L.I. Schiff

Marking scheme:

assignments (35%), 1 midterm test (30%), final exam (35%)

late assignments will not be accepted unless approved by the instructor