PHYS 5P76 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Instructor: E.Sternin
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Density matrix formulation of NMR theory; spectroscopy of simple spin systems and spin-dependent interactions; relaxation theory; spin temperature; dipolar broadening in solids; NMR of soft condensed matter systems; practical aspects of high-fidelity solid-state NMR; NMR spectrometer design; NMR imaging and microscopy.

Course outline
  • Introduction
    • spin angular momentum
    • a review of Quantum Mechanics
    • pure and mixed states
    • the density operator
    • expectation values and ensemble averages
    • liouville equation
    • operator space
    • Liouvillian and [time] propagators
  • Spin $$I=1$$ system
    • quadrupolar interaction
  • Coupled spin systems
    • chemical shifts
    • dipolar interactions
  • Practical aspects of NMR
    • cw and pulsed
    • causal and linear nature of NMR signals
    • FID - free induction decay
    • $$T_1$$ and $$T_2$$
    • echoes
    • Fourier Transform NMR
    • NMR spectrometer design
    • computers and digital data acquisition
  • Liquids
  • Solids
    • dipolar broadening in solids
    • method of moments
    • homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening
    • magic-angle spinning
  • Advanced topics
    • 2D (3D,4D,...) NMR
    • multiple-quantum coherence
    • stochastic NMR
    • PFG (pulsed field gradient) and diffusion
    • MRI = NMR imaging

Maple will be used for spin and density-matrix calculations.

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