[D.A. Crandles]

David A. Crandles

Professor, PhD (McMaster), MSc (Ottawa), BSc (Western)
Office: MC B202
Phone: (905) 688-5550 Ext. 3539
E-mail: dcrandles@brocku.ca

Research Interests

Investigation of the structural, optical, transport and magnetic properties of materials. Recent interests include dilute magnetic semiconductors and collosal dielectric materials.

Teaching Assignments (2020-2021)

Fall - Winter

  • PHYS 3P35 - Electromagnetism I (fall term)
  • PHYS 1P94 - Introductory Physics III (winter term)
  • PHYS 3P36 - Electromagnetism II (winter term) s
  • PHYS 4P70 - Condensed Matter Physics I (spring term)

Recent Publications