[F. Razavi]

Fereidoon Razavi

Professor, PhD (McMaster),
MSc (McMaster)
Office: MC B204
Phone: (905) 688-5550 Ext. 3343/4110
E-mail: frazavi@BrockU.CA

Research Interests

Preparation of magnetic and transport properties of thin films, ceramic and single crystals of high Tc superconductors, CMR materials (manganites) and amorphous alloys utilizing measurement techniques such as SQUID magnetometer, high pressure, PPMS(Physical Property Measurement System) specific heat, Thermal conductivity, AC-Susceptibility, Ac-Transport(Resistivity, Hall effect, I-V Characteristic), Dielectric Property measurement,Field Effect Scanning Electron Microscop and x-ray studies. Using the pulse-laser deposition technique to prepare films and various methods to obtain ceramic samples.

[The Razavi Group]
L-R: F.Razavi, M.Pula, S.Monfared, P.Torabi, I.Taneev, K.Bauer, M.Hassas. 2018.