Co-Op option in Physics and CAST

Co-op, or combined work/study, programs combine academic and work terms over a four and one-half year period. Students spend two years in the Brock academic setting studying core concepts prior to their first work term. This study will provide the necessary academic context for the work experience.

The co-op experience helps you to...

  • develop the skills and personal network critical to your success in a dynamic career market;
  • sample a variety of work placements, discovering what your interests and talents are and the type of work environment that suits you best;
  • build confidence in yourself and your career goals;
  • make informed decisions about your career path and future;
  • enrich your academic studies, by applying the concepts your learned in class to your work experience;

Why choose Brock co-op?

  • at Brock, our science programs are unique in that undergraduate students have the opportunity to become actively involved in research projects with the very same professors that are teaching you; at many larger universities, research in a lab is virtually unheard of until the M.Sc. level!
  • our world-renowned professors are actively involved in research projects, and winning major research awards and grants. For you, this means more opportunity to become involved in the labs!
  • we offer "hands-on", lab-based courses, with real life projects integrated into them;
  • you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment that is used in research and in classrooms;
  • our professional staff coaches and supports you throughout your academic studies and work experiences;
  • the co-op curriculum is designed to challenge you and to be relevant to the needs of our employers;
  • co-op coordinators work year round to provide you with a diverse selection of employers and placements, both in Canada and internationally.
Co-op Admission Criteria
  • 6 OACs
  • Physics Required Courses: physics, chemistry and two mathematics including calculus (minimum 70% on at least one mathematics required)
  • CAST Required Courses: a minimum of 75% in physics and two mathematics, including calculus (a minimum of 70% in at least one mathematics required)
  • Entrance average: 80%
  • Supplementary Information: a resume and interview may be required
Graduation Requirements
  • A minimum 70% major average and a minimum 60% non-major average.
  • completion of a minimum of twelve months of Co-op work experience.
  • Work term evaluations must have a grade of satisfactory (SA).
  • All work terms must be completed prior to the final academic term.

Contact Co-op Programs Office for further details.