MSMP Degree requirements

MSMP is for you! MSMP is a 17-month-long course-based Master's International Student Program (ISP) consisting of one month of language training starting at the beginning of August followed by four four-months-long academic terms.

Graduate Student Preparation Program
All students accepted into the program will be required to complete an intensive Graduate Science Preparation Program (GSPP), usually during August immediately prior to start of the MSc program. The GSPP program will prepare students for the academic demands of graduate programs at Brock University. Many students have the language prerequisite for admission to Brock but struggle academically in their graduate studies. GSPP addresses this issue, concentrating on the development of academic skills such as critical thinking and synthesizing arguments and ideas, referencing and plagiarism, academic presentations and discussions, and the development of specialized vocabulary. GSPP will also provide new students a period of acclimatization in Canada, and on campus.

Immediately following the GSPP program, all students will participate in an orientation session to familiarize them with the program structure, expectations of graduate students, library and safety training, and academic integrity policy.

Academic Program
The academic program will begin in September and will require all students to complete 10 half-credit courses (4 theoretical courses, 3 laboratory courses, 1 computational course, and 2 research seminar courses). The distribution will be 3 courses in the Fall Term (September-December), 4 courses in the Winter Term (January-April), and 3 courses in the Spring/Summer Term (May-August).

Theoretical courses:

Experimental/laboratory courses:
  • PHYS 5P79 (Advanced Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics I)
  • PHYS 5P80 (Advanced Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics II)
  • PHYS 5P81 (Sample Preparation and Characterization Techniques for Materials Science)

Computational courses:
  • PHYS 5P10 (Computational Methods for Materials Science)

Research seminar courses: