This program is Yet Another NEutron Reflectivity Analyzer (YANERA).

yanera 2.0

Release: May 29, 2008:

The program is suitable for modeling and fitting in its current state, although I am still actively improving and checking for bugs.

You can download the source code for Linux, or an execuable for Windows XP that can be run from a console.

Benchmarks: I have begun to bechmark yanera using the benchmark data of Motofit. See the page Benchmarks.




"yanera" is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.



Download source code from here : yanera-2008-05-29.tgz
Or by Subversion svn://
For Windows, download all the files from this directory, place into your working directory and run from a console command line.

All comments and questions are welcome, see my main page for my email address. Feel free to browse these documentation pages, as I have tried to include all the equations used.

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