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[  ] Week 0.

Learning objectives: learn the FlipIt interface for pre-lectures and questions; learn the REEF interface for in class polling; learn the SAPLING interface for after-class homework;

[  ] Week 1. Oscillations (Jan.9 - Jan.15) (SAPLING assignment due Sun. Jan 15, 11pm)

Learning objectives: be able to state Hooke's law; be able to state connection between oscillation frequency, spring constant and mass of the oscillator, be able to use the equations of motion in problems; be able to use the concepts of spring potential energy and kinetic energy to solve problems
Pre-Class Work

  • Jan 9:
  • Jan. 12: Read Sections 16.1,16.2,16.3/ FLIPIT
  • Jan. 13: Read Sections 16.5, 16.6/ FLIPIT
[  ] Week 2. Electric Forces and Fields (Jan. 16- Jan 22) - SAPLING assignment due Jan. 22 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Properties of electric charge, Coulomb Force, operational definition of electric field,be able to calculate electric field due to several charges, understand and predict motion of charges in constant electric fields
Pre-Class Work

  • Jan. 16: Read Sections 18.1-18.3/FLIPIT
  • Jan. 19: Read Sections 18.4-18.5/FLIPIT
  • Jan. 20: Read Sections 18.6-18.8/FLIPIT
[  ] Week 3. Electric Potential and Potential energy (Jan. 23-Jan 29) - SAPLING assignment due Jan. 29 at 11PM

Learning objectives: to define electric potential and electric potential energy; be able to calculate the potential due to a set of charges; to understand the connection between electric field and potential; be able to read equipotential diagrams; understand the electron gun and define the electron volt; define capacitors; calculate energy stored in capacitor; equivalent capacitance
Pre-Class Work

  • Jan. 23: Read Sections 19.1-19.3/FLIPIT
  • Jan. 26: Read Sections 19.4/FLIPIT
  • Jan. 27: Read Sections 19.5-19.7/FLIPIT
[  ] Week 4. DC Circuits I (Jan. 30-Feb. 5) - SAPLING assignment due Feb. 5 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Understand the concepts of current, voltage or potential difference, resistance, resistivity, energy and power in electric circuits; distinguish between dc and ac voltage; distinguish between rms and peak voltage; microscopic model of conductivity and drift velocity
Pre-Class Work

  • Jan. 30: Read Sections 20.1-20.2/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 2: Read Sections 20.3-20.4/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 3: Read Sections 20.5,20.6/FLIPIT
[  ] Week 5. DC Circuits II (Feb 6.-Feb. 12) - SAPLING assignment due Feb. 12 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Understand and use Kirchoff's voltage rule, Kirchoff's current rule and equivalent resistance; recognize voltage and current dividers; understand how ammeters and voltmeters work, understand RC circuits; define RC time constant
Pre-Class Work

  • Feb. 6: Read Sections 21.1-21.3/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 9: Read Sections 21.4-21.5/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 10: Read Sections 21.6/FLIPIT
[  ] Week 6. Magnetism (Feb 13.-Feb. 19) - SAPLING assignment due Feb. 26 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Apply the right hand rule for the direction of the magnetic force on a moving charge; Understand motion of moving charges in uniform magnetic fields (UCM if velocity is perpendicular to mag field); understand principles of operation of a mass spectrometer; understand that magnetic fields produce forces on currents and produce torques on current loops; understand the principle of operation of a dc electric motor; Understand that currents produce magnetic fields and state the magnetic field due to a long straight wire, a current loop and inside a solenoid
Pre-Class Work

  • Feb. 13: Read Sections 22.1-22.4/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 16: Read Sections 22.5-22.8/FLIPIT
  • Feb. 17: Read Sections 22.9-22.11/FLIPIT
[  ] Week 7. Electromagnetic Induction (Feb 27.-March 5) - SAPLING assignment due March 5 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Understand motional EMF, Define magnetic flux, understand and use Faraday's law, understand and use Lenz's law; Understand ac generators; Understand mutual inductance and transformers,
Pre-Class Work

  • Feb. 27: Read Sections 23.1-23.3/FLIPIT
  • March 2: Read Sections 23.4-23.8/FLIPIT
  • March 3:
[  ] Week 8. Wave nature of light I (March 6.-March 12) - SAPLING assignment due March 12 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Understand how EM waves are generated and propagate through the vacuum; properties of EM waves: (transverse nature, E=cB, momentum, energy, intensity) electromagnetic spectrum; interference of EM waves: young's double slit experiment , travelling waves properties: amplitude, period, frequency, wavelength, velocity
Pre-Class Work

  • March 6: Read Sections 24.1 - 24.3 - NO FLIPIT THIS WEEK
  • March 9: Read Sections 24.4 - NO FLIPIT THIS WEEK
  • March 10: Read Sections 27.1-27.4 - NO FLIPIT THIS WEEK
[-->] Week 9. Wave nature of light II (March 13.-March 19) - SAPLING assignment due March 19 at 11PM

Learning objectives: young's double slit experiment, single slit diffraction, thin-film interference, diffraction by circular apertures, polarization of electromagnetic waves - Malus's Law, polarization by absorption, reflection, scattering
Pre-Class Work

  • March 13: Read Sections 27.1 - 27.4/FLIPIT
  • March 16: Read Sections 27.5 - 27. 7/FLIPIT
  • March 17: Read Sections 27.8 /FLIPIT
[  ] Week 10: Quantum Physics: Wave-particle duality (March 20.-March 26) - SAPLING assignment due March 26 at 11PM

Learning objectives: Understand the evidence for particle nature of light: the photoelectric effect, the compton effect; relate particle properties (Energy,momentum) to wave properties (frequency/wavelength) for both massless particles like photons and particles with non-zero mass like electrons, protons and neutrons; understand "probability waves" and the heisenberg uncertainty principle.
Pre-Class Work

  • March 20: Read Sections 29.1 - 29.3/FLIPIT
  • March 23: Read Section 29.5-29.8/FLIPIT
  • March 24: Read Section 29.4/FLIPIT
Week 11: Quantum Physics: H-atom and the periodic table (March 27.-April 2) - SAPLING assignment due April 2 at 11PM

Learning objectives:
Pre-Class Work

  • March 27: Read Sections 30.1,30.2 FLIPIT
  • March 30: Read Sections 30.3 FLIPIT
  • March 31: Read Section 30.8,30.9 NO FLIPIT