Introductory Physics I
Instructor: E. Sternin
Latest news

  • Everybody, have a happy and restful holiday!
  • 159 interviews have been conducted, and every submission verified. Congratulations to all students on upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. The post-exam interview process has randomly sampled nearly 60% of the class and has now concluded.
  • A 50% minimum passing grade on the final exam has been specified in the course outline. This has always been a requirement in most Physics courses.

    However, this is an unusual year, and the stresses on all students, faculty, and TAs are elevated. With that in mind, I decided that I will modify this rule this year. Instead, I will select the highest of the two grades, average of the weekly tests (excluding the three lowest) or the final exam grade, and require that to be above 50%. If that is satisfied, then the grade will be calculated as the usual weighted average. A low exam grade (and a high one!) will still matter, but by itself will not be a gateway to passing the course.

    With the interview process concluded, the grading calculations will be done in the next couple of days. However, since the University is closing for a holiday break, you will not hear about the results until after January 11. Even then, it might take a while for the grades to show in the student record database. Please be patient.

  • Students who missed the final exam for a legitimate medical reason: please, get healthy first! Contact the instructor in January, when you are well again, and a make-up exam may get arranged some time in January. If this proves impossible, the students will write the final exam the next time it is offered, at the end of the Winter semester, in April.
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Laptops or portable alert devices like smartphones or smartwatches are not allowed during lectures

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