How to submit written homework online

We recommend a few different ways of converting your paper-and-pencil homework to PDF files suitable for emailing to your professor/marker, or for uploading to Sakai.

Do not take and send photos of your homework! Photos can be quite large in filesize, and having a different photo for each page mean they will tend to get lost or out of order. Instead, use a document scanner app, which uses your camera and smart image processing to convert photos to "scanner-quality" PDF files.

See this PDF for general tips and things to consider.

  1. Write your name, class and page number on each page.
  2. Write clearly and don't crowd the paper edges.
  3. Use smooth, unwrinkled paper.
  4. Always set paper against darker background of solid color. 
  5. Clear away extra items from camera view.
  6. Avoid harsh overhead light that casts shadows. Use multiple lights from the sides.
  7. Use the "Document" setting in the apps below.