Electromagnetism I
2023-2024 Instructor: D. Crandles
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Electric Field, divergence and curl of electrostatic field; relation between electric work and energy; conductors; applications of Laplace's and Poisson's equation in electrostatics; electrostatic fields in matter; field in polarized object and linear dielectrics.

Course Goals
  • to gain experience with Vector Calculus
  • to gain experience with some elements of computer programming
  • to gain experience solving Maxwell's Equations for electrostatics using various techniques
  • to become familiar with the dielectric properties of materials

MATH 2P03, 2P08 and 2P96


David J. Griffiths, Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4th Ed., Pearson, 2013

  1. Vector Calculus Review - chapter 1
  2. Electrostatics - chapter 2
  3. Laplace's Equation: Special Techniques- chapter 3
  4. Electric Fields in Matter - chapter 4
Course Policies
  • All students are required to know and abide by the Academic Integrity Policy of Brock University. The University takes Academic Misconduct extremely seriously and will follow its strict procedures to the letter in all cases.
  • Late summaries/questions will NOT be accepted.
  • Students must achieve 50% on the final exam to pass the course