Experimental Physics I
Instructor: J. Kaur

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  • This is an advanced experimental laboratory course, 13 weeks in duration, four hours per week. Six lab reports are completed, some involving several weeks of experiments.
  • Completing all experiments and submitting all lab reports is required to pass the course. Lab marks contribute a total of 75% to the final grade.
    • an oral exam worth 15% of the final mark, during which the student has access only to his/her lab book and reports and may be required to provide detailed explanations of the operating procedures and/or of the operation of the equipment in any of the experiments; and
    • a written submission, due by noon on the last day of classes and worth 10% of the final mark, that is a brief writing of one of the lab reports into a formal article manuscript
  • Maintaining safe and tidy workspace in the laboratory is required, and a failure to do so will result in an immediate involuntary withdrawal from the course. A passing grade in the course is conditional on maintaining safe laboratory practices, and on the final clean-up of the laboratory workspace at the end of the term, to the satisfaction of the instructor.
  • The penalties for late submission of assigned coursework are 10% per day to a maximum of 5 days late, unless accompanied by medical documentation. See Medical Exemption Policy and the medical health certificate at the Registrar's Website at this link.
  • All live course information will be posted on the Brightspace platform. Please follow the Brightspace page for announcements and updates.
  • This class will be held Wednesdays and Fridays, 14:00 - 15:30 in MCH300
  • Important: before working in the lab (i.e. before September 11, 2023 at the latest) all students must complete several mandatory safety training sessions. All of the safety courses for students are on Brightspace on the tab "Brock Student Health and Safety Training". To access, use this link.
    • For this course, you must complete the Radiation Safety and X-ray Safety courses through, and score a minimum of 80% in each.
    • You must also complete at least the WHMIS (online) training. Once complete, please send a screenshot of your certificate to Ivana K Metcalf (ikmetcalf@brocku.ca). Records of completion of other safety training sessionss are sent automatically to the department.
    • If you are planning to do an experimental Physics thesis project, or other graduate-level experimental Physics courses, you should complete the full Science Safety Training session instead of just basic WHMIS. This is also found on the Broghtspace site.

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