PHYS 3P91 - Experimental Physics I
Instructor: E. Sternin

  • The common section of this class will be held Fridays, 14:00-15:00 in MCH300, starting January 12, 2024. This is when an introduction to the next week's experiments will take place. The experiments will be performed by students in groups of two, during the regular time slots arranged individually (see Schedule below). Please, bring your full schedule for the term to the first lecture on Friday, January 12, so that the time slots can be established.
  • Important: before working in the lab (i.e. before September 11, 2023 at the latest) all students must complete several mandatory safety training sessions. All of the safety courses for students are on Brightspace on the tab "Brock Student Health and Safety Training". To access, use this link.
    • For this course, you must complete the Radiation Safety and X-ray Safety courses, and score a minimum of 80% in each.
    • You must also complete at least the WHMIS (online) training. Once complete, please send a screenshot of your certificate to Ivana Metcalf. Records of completion of other safety training sessionss are sent automatically to the department.
    • If you are planning to do an experimental Physics thesis project, or other graduate-level experimental Physics courses, you should complete the full Science Safety Training session instead of just basic WHMIS. This is also found on the Brightspace site.