PHYS 5P97 - Major Research Project in Materials Physics II
Instructor: M. Reedyk

What Brock calendar entry says:

  • Comprehensive experimental, theoretical or computational research project in Materials Physics completed under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Project completion and report.

    Restriction: Open to MSMP students who have completed all of the course requirements for the course-based MSMP Program option with permission of the Physics Graduate Program Director.

    Prerequisite(s): PHYS 5P96

Course Goals

  • The aim of PHYS 5P97 is to give the student experience in conducting an independent piece of research in Materials Physics. The work must be of high quality and must show considerable scientific maturity.


  • A PHYS 5P97 project lasts for two full terms.

Introductory Seminar 5% Approximately one month after beginning project
Progress Seminar 10% approximately halfway through project
Report Chapter 10% due the same week as Progress Seminar
Project Report 20% Submitted one week before final seminar
Final Seminar 20% At completion of course
Quality of Research Work 25% Evaluated by Supervisor
Seminars 10%

No late work will be accepted.