_data Struct Reference

Detailed Description

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Definition at line 388 of file yanera.h.

Data Fields

char * data_id
char * file_name
unsigned short n
double * q
double * R
double * e
short idx
yanera_resolution resolution

Field Documentation

Unique id linking dataset to a model.

Definition at line 390 of file yanera.h.

Filename containing the dataset.

Definition at line 392 of file yanera.h.

unsigned short _data::n

Number of datapoints

Definition at line 394 of file yanera.h.

double* _data::q

X-axis, or q, data points

Definition at line 396 of file yanera.h.

double* _data::R

Y-axis, or R(q), data points

Definition at line 398 of file yanera.h.

double* _data::e

Error in Y, or R(q), data

Definition at line 400 of file yanera.h.

short _data::idx

Index for fitting routines

Definition at line 402 of file yanera.h.

Instrumental solution associated with data.

Definition at line 404 of file yanera.h.

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