_slabs Struct Reference

Detailed Description

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each model is deconstucted into tiny slabs by calling yanera_quadrature. Thus this struct contains only the information regarding slabs.

The maximum number of slabs is set to be the size of unsigned short maximum.

Definition at line 355 of file yanera.h.

Data Fields

unsigned short number_of_slab_edges
unsigned short number_of_slabs
double zpos [USHRT_MAX]
double thik [USHRT_MAX]
double rsld [USHRT_MAX]
double isld [USHRT_MAX]

Field Documentation

Self explained

Definition at line 357 of file yanera.h.

unsigned short _slabs::number_of_slabs

Self explained

Definition at line 358 of file yanera.h.

double _slabs::zpos[USHRT_MAX]

Slab edge along from the postive z, ie. the slab end point

Definition at line 360 of file yanera.h.

double _slabs::thik[USHRT_MAX]

Thickness of slab (slabs 0 and n-1 are inf.)

Definition at line 362 of file yanera.h.

double _slabs::rsld[USHRT_MAX]

SLD of the slab

Definition at line 364 of file yanera.h.

double _slabs::isld[USHRT_MAX]

ISLD of the slab

Definition at line 366 of file yanera.h.

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