yanera_data.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This code reads data files and resoltion files.

Definition in file yanera_data.h.

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void yanera_load_data (yanera_container *yanera)
 Reads all the data files into memory.
void yanera_read_resolution (yanera_container *yanera)
 Reads the user supplied resolution file into memory.

Function Documentation

void yanera_load_data ( yanera_container yanera  ) 

yanera The global yanera_container.
This function reads into memory the data to be fitted. It reads 2 or 3 columns data, where the columns are in the order: $q$, $R(q)$, and optionally the error in the reflectivity, $\sigma_R$. The go into the data struct as q , R , and e , respectivly.

If the data does not contain the error in $R(q)$, or the chosen weighting for fitting does not use it, this function also sets the $\sigma_R$ according tot the fit_weighting flag.

In the event that fit_weighting is selected to be WEIGHT_DATA, but the third data column is missing from the file, then $\sigma_R$ is set to be 1.

Definition at line 24 of file yanera_data.c.

void yanera_read_resolution ( yanera_container yanera  ) 

For scans where incident slits are fixed, then the instrumental resolution $\delta q$ is fixed.

Definition at line 102 of file yanera_data.c.

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