yanera_xml_output.c File Reference

Detailed Description

This file outputs results into an XML file, with the correct XML syntax. The file name is "results.xml", anc cannot be changed.

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void yanera_write_xml (yanera_container *yanera)
 Writes the XML file.
void xmlLayer (xmlNodePtr xml_node_layer, yanera_layer *layer, yanera_container *yanera)
 Writes a yanera_layer to the XML DOM.
void xmlMinMax (xmlNodePtr xml_node_layer_item, short parm_index, yanera_container *yanera)
 Writes out the min/max constraints to the XML DOM.
void xmlParameterError (xmlNodePtr xml_node_layer_item, short parm_index, yanera_container *yanera)

Function Documentation

void yanera_write_xml ( yanera_container yanera  ) 

yanera The yanera_container holding the data.
This function writes the entire XML file in one go.

Definition at line 25 of file yanera_xml_output.c.

void xmlLayer ( xmlNodePtr  xml_node_layer,
yanera_layer layer,
yanera_container yanera 

xml_node_layer The XML node that will hold the layer
layer The specific yanera_layer to write to the XML DOM.
yanera The yanera_container holding the data.

Definition at line 562 of file yanera_xml_output.c.

void xmlMinMax ( xmlNodePtr  xml_node_layer_item,
short  index,
yanera_container yanera 

If there were constraints on the minimum and maximum values of a parameter, write them out in the results XML file.

Definition at line 811 of file yanera_xml_output.c.

void xmlParameterError ( xmlNodePtr  xml_node_layer_item,
short  index,
yanera_container yanera 

If a fit was performed, this function writes the uncertainty associated with the fitted paramter.

Definition at line 839 of file yanera_xml_output.c.

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