Weekly homework

Please, note that while some of the chapter-end problems will be assigned explicitly, the students are encouraged and expected to review and attempt the majority of the chapter-end problems in the book for the readings assigned on a weekly basis.

All Textbook references are to An Introduction to Mechanics, second edition, by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Before coming to class: review your Year 1 notes
Week 1. Vectors. Components of motion. Polar coordinates.
Week 2. Integration of kinematic equations.
  • K&K2, Ch.1.7-1.10
Week 3. Newton's Laws.
  • K&K2, Ch.2
  • K&K2, Ch.3.4-3.6.
  • Assignment 2, due 2022-10-18 (extended due to the reading week).
Week 4. Momentum, work, energy
  • K&K2, Ch.3.7
  • K&K2, Ch.4.1;4.6.
  • K&K2, Ch.5.1-5.3.1; 5.6-5.7; 6.1-6.3.
Week 5. A simple harmonic oscillator
Week 6. Reading week

Week 7. Work, energy and momentum in 3D

Week 8. Midterm. Conservation of energy
  • In-class midterm (on all of the material up to this point)
  • Center-of-mass; reduced mass.

Week 8. Conservation of momentum. Collisions.
Week 9. Angular momentum.
  • K&K2, Ch.7.
Week 10. Angular momentum, cont'd. Rigid body motion.
Week 11. Non-intertial systems. Fictitious forces.
  • K&K2, Ch.8.
Week 12. Review problems.