2002 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Nov 12 Dr. G.V. Sudhakar Rao, Physics, Brock University Studies on Fe/Al and Fe/Au Multilayers
Oct 31 Dr. Rudi Hackl, Walter Meissner Institute for Low Temperature Research, Garching, Germany Phase Diagram of Copper-Oxygen Compounds: New Raman Results
Oct 29 Dr. Makariy A. Tanatar, Physics, University of Toronto Organic Superconductors: Model Systems for Understanding of Superconductivity in Low-dimensional Materials
Oct 24 Dr. Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Physics, McMaster University Confinement Effects in Thin Polymer Films: Dewetting, Pattern Formation and Crystallisation
Oct 8 Dr. Thomas Devereaux, Physics, University of Waterloo Inelastic Light Scattering in Strongly Correlated Systems
Sep 26 Dr. Michael Walker, Physics, University of Toronto Ferromagnetic Superconductors
Sep 19 Dr. Jan B. Kycia, Physics, University of Waterloo Effects of Dissipation on a Superconducting Single Electron Transistor
Mar 7 Dr. Duncan Rogers, Chemistry, University of Toronto Electron- and Photon-induced Reactions at Silicon Surfaces
Feb 28 Dr. Anand Yethiraj, FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, Amsterdam Controlling Colloidal Crystallization in low-g: A New Model System in Soft Condensed Matter Physics
Feb 27 Dr. Natalia Malkova, Materials Research Lab & Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State University Band Structure of the Materials from Electron Crystals to Photonic Band Gap Materials
Feb 26 Dr. Russell Thompson, University of Pittsburgh Self-consistent Field Theory of Nanocomposite Systems
Feb 14 Dr. Martin Dube, Center for the Physics of Materials, McGill University Friction: from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Feb 13 Dr. Kirill Samokhin, Physics, University of Toronto The Puzzle of Superconductivity in Strontium Ruthenate
Feb 12 Dr. Robert Wickham, Physics, McMaster University Block Copolymers: Designing Custom Structures at the Nanoscale

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