2010 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Nov. 16 Sjoerd Hoogland, University of Toronto Colloidal quantum dots for light generation, detection and harvesting
Nov. 9 Eva Zurek, University of Buffalo Predicting the Geometries and Electronic Structures of Compressed Solids
Oct. 26 Eugene Kim, University of Windsor The Pencil is Mightier than the Sword
Oct. 12 John A Tarduno, University of Rochester The Paleoarchean geodynamo, solar wind and magnetopause (Joint seminar with Earth Science)
Oct. 5 Brock Undergraduate Research PHYS 4F90 students will present their project introduction presentations.
Sept. 21 Cody Storry, York University Lots of really cold positrons, antiprotons and antihydrogen atoms
Mar.10 Keshav Dasgupta, McGill University - CAP-CASCA Tour How string theory explains the origin of our universe
Mar.9 Normand Mousseau, Université de Montréal Simulating amyloid formation -- challenges and progress
Jan. 26 Robert Hill, University of Waterloo Unconventional Superconductivity in Filled Skutterudite Materials
Jan.19 Peter Krieger, University of Toronto First Collisions at the Large Hadron Collider

2010 M.Sc. Thesis Defence Presentations

Date Speaker Title
Dec 22 Ivana Komljenovic, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Elucidation of Mechanism of Cell Lysis by Chlorhexidine: A Biophysical Approach
Dec 3 Bilyana Indovski, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Electronic, Magnetic and Thermal Properties of Pb2-xAxCrO5(A = K or La)
Jun 2 Brad Dempsie, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Far Infrared Reflectance Along the C-axis of the Charge Stripe Superconductor La1.875Ba0.125CuO4
May 31 Brandon DesRoches, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Surface Effect Ferromagnetism in Pure and Reduced Strontium Titanate
May 25 Michael Potalivo, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Crystal Growth, Characterization and Point Contact Spectroscopy on CuxTiSe2
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